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NEW RM of Piney Website

This year, staff has prioritized the improvement of our website to better deliver the common-sense service we pride ourselves in. The new website will be an interactive online tool that answers your questions and stays up-to-date with current information.

With new-and-improved features like:

  • An events calendar
  • Fully accessible documents to download and print
  • Higher search functions
  • Easy navigation
  • Beautiful layout
  • A wealth of information about our communities, services, Council and more
You can visit our new website to learn about land for sale in the RM, Council meetings, the office, our communities, and current announcements and advisories.

RM Office Closed to Public

Due to Covid-19, the RM of Piney office is closed to public walk-in traffic. We will be accepting visits by appointment only. If you need to visit the office in person, you must call ahead to arrange your appointment. We strongly encourage people needing assistance to avoid coming directly to the office, but to contact us by phone or email.

If you need to pay you taxes, payments can be made over the phone with Visa or Mastercard, online banking through a Caisse or Credit Union, or by cheque in our drop box; receipts will be mailed.

If you have a parcel at the RM office, please call ahead (204-437-2284) and we will have it set aside for you.

We will continue to communicate with the public through our Facebook page, website, newsletters, phone, fax, and e-mail.

Attention Community Organizations:

The deadline for all Event Grant Applications is
January 10th, 2021.

Large Acre Land Sales in 2021


The RM of Piney will not be accepting any large acre land sales in 2021 until a large acreage land sale policy is developed and passed by council. If an offer is sent to the RM office it will not be viewed by council and will be sent back to the sender. The RM will still be accepting offers for lots within our subdivisions, which can be viewed on our website. Please stay posted as to when this policy is in place.

2019/2020 Overdue Taxes

Tax Sale Processing Deadline: Tuesday, March 31st
RM taxes for 2020 were due on October 30th. If you happened to miss this deadline and also have 2019 taxes still owing on your property, your property will incur tax sale costs if not paid by March 31st, 2021.
For all rate payers who have 2019 and 2020 taxes owing, a letter will be issued to you later this month stating what you have owing for 2019 including arrears and penalties. This amount is due by Wednesday, March 31st, 2021. The letter will not state the amount due for 2020 taxes since only 2019 needs to be paid so the property will not incur additional tax sale costs. Commencing April 1st, 2021, tax sale costs will be added to your property as well as monthly penalties.

Public Meetings

All public meetings held by the RM are accessible via computer, tablet, smartphone or by using your phone, through GoToMeeting invites. If you wish to attend an upcoming meeting please contact the RM Office and specify which meeting(s) you would like to attend.

Phone: 204-437-2284 / 204-437-2060
Facebook: Rural Municipality of Piney

RM of Piney Trails Plan

Hello again from Allison Driedger of Bluestem Consulting. As you may remember reading in the October newsletter, I am working with the RM to create the RM of Piney Trails Plan.  I wanted to give you a brief update on the Trails Plan and where we are at in the process. In 2019, the RM of Piney received a Provincial Grant to create this trails plan. The project will focus on identifying areas for future trail development and provide an approximate time line for the trail construction. The goal of the plan is identify areas for trail construction and looking at how the trails can create linkages within the communities. This plan will assist the RM in obtaining future grants for the development of these trails.

We believe that it is important that the community be involved in identifying where the trails should be located. Community involvement is key in ensuring that the trails plan results in identification of trails that will be used, trails that will be located where you would like them and trails that connect the communities to itself.

Covid has placed limitations on the project thus far especially the ability to meet with residents, council and the RM staff to gather input. Thus far the trails plan is still in its infancy, we have begun onboarding of materials, researching other trail plans and looking at the RM of Piney data as part of an environmental scan. We are hoping to be able to connect with residents in the new year to begin identifying where the trails should be located. I look forward to working with you all over the next two years as we continue to move forward with the RM of Piney Trails Plan. Should you have any questions please email Allison @

Transit Plan

Transit Options …. We are still working at it! Private vehicles, corporate vehicles operated under the mobility disadvantaged transportation program, taxi/vehicle for hire, technology supports to match drivers and passengers, car sharing and bus charters have been considered for the four primary passenger types identified during public consultation:

  1. Seniors requirement to travel for medical appointments
  2. Seniors attending community activities like social group outings, day programs, congregate meals, & visiting within the RM or neighbouring municipalities
  3. Passengers who want to shop in a wide variety of stores or obtain services in Steinbach and Winnipeg
  4. Passengers interested in travel either within the RM, neighboring regions, to Steinbach or Winnipeg for events

Has anything changed for you over these past months with so many restrictions & likely reduced travel due to the pandemic? Have you found ways to potentially reduce the costly longer distance travel needs? I’d appreciate hearing your comments at

Transportation is a quality of life issue and the ability to live in a rural, remote community.
Connie Gamble


Decision-Making in the RM

Council’s main role in the RM of Piney is governance and policy. As a ratepayer, you can influence the governance passed in the RM of Piney. Council aims to make fair and responsible decisions, taking into consideration the policies (standards), public interest and resources available.

Head of Council (HOC): The Reeve for the RM of Piney, Wayne Anderson, is also the Head of Council. The HOC presides over all Council meetings, can call special meetings, and makes sure that the municipality complies with the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.

Council: Council is comprised of four council members and the Reeve. They act by resolutions, by-laws and policies.

Resolutions: A resolution is a formal decision of Council that expresses their intent or position of on a particular issue. Both by-laws and policies require a resolution. Resolutions are adopted by majority vote.

By-Laws: By-laws are regulatory laws adopted by majority vote and put through ‘readings’ (an editing process). By-laws can be more restrictive than provincial laws, but not less restrictive. Council’s compensation is set by by-law.

Policies: Policies are the standards and guidelines for RM staff to follow. Staff compensation is set by policy. In next month’s article, “Strategic Planning,” we will look at the bigger vision for the municipality, which outlines the intent behind current by-laws and resolutions.

Sources: Municipal Policies “2018 Council Member’s Guide”, AMM

Municipal Emergency Coordinator

Happy New Year everyone! 2020 was a pretty tough year so let us hope 2021 holds much better promise. I look forward to a new year of working in the RM.

It has been an incredibly warm winter so far. However, we must still be vigilant for the possibility of winter storms and the resulting hazardous driving conditions. Your first and best defense is not to go out in hazardous weather at all. If you must go out here are a few tips to help:

1.  Leave earlier to allow for delays.
2.  Slow down to reduce your risk.
3.  Keep a cold-weather survival kit in your vehicle. Should include masks and sanitizer, a candle and matches, water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, flares or reflectors, booster cables and a shovel, an ice scraper, warm clothes, boots and blankets.
4.  Leave more distance between the vehicle ahead of you.
5.  Don’t use cruise control.
6.  Keep your headlights on.
7.  Clear snow & ice from your vehicle to ensure visibility.
8.  Watch for snow clearing equipment & recreational users.

I know we can have a safe 2021!


Richard Gamble

Economic Development

What is Sunrise Corner?
Top 10 Things to Know

1. A Strong Partnership: Sunrise Corner is the partnership of the RMs of Piney and Stuartburn promoting Manitoba’s SE corner as an incredible place to live, work, play, visit, invest and explore.

2. An Experienced Team: Sunrise Corner is guided by the Piney Stuartburn Economic Development District formed in Sep 2019, comprised of two councillors from each RM, with support from the CAOs. We hired a student the past four summers and a full-time economic development manager in Nov 2019.

3. Tourism Cheerleaders: Started in 2016, Sunrise Corner Tourism is the regional destination marketing organization encouraging tourists and residents to explore our rich culture, unique events and festivals, and stunning nature from Tall Grass Prairie to Sandilands Provincial Forest.

4. Awareness Builders: Sunrise Corner spans almost 3,600 square kilometers of natural beauty, diverse attractions, small-town community spirit and amazing quality of life. We market these characteristics to draw in visitors and new residents who in turn support local businesses.

5. Shop-Local Promoters: Sunrise Corner strongly supports the shop-local philosophy and actively promotes resident-owned businesses with premises located in the region.
6. Population Growers: In 2020, people considered what’s truly important: family, friends, health, social connection, self sufficiency. Sunrise Corner has been garnering attention as a realistic alternative to city living and, in response, we’ve been actively promoting the region to attract new residents and families.

7. Job Creation Facilitators: To create opportunities for more people to live in the region, Sunrise Corner is actively encouraging entrepreneurship, whether that means starting a new business, launching your own consulting business, or working virtually at home for a far-away company.

8. Business Growth Advisors: Agriculture, forestry and industry have a long and successful track record in SE Manitoba supported by retail, service and manufacturing businesses. Sunrise Corner is available to support any business in the region looking to grow.

9. Housing Champions: Sunrise Corner is working on community-driven solutions to provide housing options for seniors, families, workers and tourists by making better use of limited housing in our region and seeking strategic partnerships where new housing is required.

10. Resource Providers: Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or community volunteer with an idea for a new business, community initiative or tourist attraction?  We’re here to share resources, support grant applications, brainstorm ideas or provide advice to help make your vision a reality.

Monique Chenier


Sprague RCMP

Happy New Year! Let’s all hope 2021 is a better year for everyone, now that we’ve put 2020 behind us. Sprague RCMP are asking for the public to refrain from storing firearms in your seasonal cabins when you close up for the year. We’ve had break ins where several firearms were stolen recently, and in years past! Unfortunately, more times than not these same firearms are making their way onto the streets of Winnipeg and other cities, where they are used in the commission of crimes. Let’s all do our part to make sure criminals are not getting their hands on firearms that are being left in a seasonal cabin. Take them home, lock them up, keep them safe!

The Province continues to be under Code Red restrictions, and as such Sprague RCMP Detachment continues to be closed for walk up service. If you are an essential worker, you can still get criminal record checks completed. Please contact our office at (204) 437-2041 to get further details.  Should you require immediate Police assistance you can call (204) 437-2222 or 911.

Richard Graham Cpl.

NCO i/c Sprague Detachment

A Message from our
Municipal Fire Chief – Bill Stowe

Hello everyone. Sincere best wishes for 2021. 2020 left us facing many considerable challenges, but as we move into 2021, those challenges continue and evolve, much of it sparked by Covid-19.

I am looking forward and very pleased to be able to work with the caring / dedicated men and women of the RM of Piney’s 3 Fire Stations. As change happens and the shift of population from city to country occurs, the demand for emergency services grows. Our goal is to help people see fire fighters as who they are and all the support required by those individuals.

Being a firefighter has challenges, but also has incredible rewards and satisfaction. If you think you have a desire to care for your neighbors and help in a time of need… I’d like to hear from you. If you think you have a skill that would assist in the efforts of your Fire Department, perhaps driving, mechanical ability, first aid, or simply the time and the desire to help… I’d like to hear from you.

Wishing everyone the safest possible year ahead in 2021.

Bill Stowe