The R.M. of Stuartburn-Piney weed board takes action that benefits farmers and producers economically and environmentally.

Manitoba enacted the Noxious Weed Act in 1871. The act focused on destroying weeds along passages of travel (i.e. roadways and railways). The RM of Stuartburn/Emerson-Franklin weed board was established in 1967. In 2014, it became the R.M. of Stuartburn-Piney weed board.

The Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association classifies noxious weeds in a tier system. To see the list of invasive species, click the link below:

To learn more about the Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association, visit their website:

Help prevent the spread of noxious weeds

Invasive weeds can cause havoc in farmers’ fields. The R.M. of Piney works to prevent the spread noxious weeds across the municipality and on farm land. Unwanted species of weeds can spread to different areas and municipalities via hay bales, and farm and yard equipment. We urge you to clean your equipment before working on different fields, and be conscious of the plant species in your fields before selling bales to other communities.

The Environment

The team strives to use chemicals that leave less residual in the soils. They also do not blanket spray – targeting only the necessary patches.

The team leaves buffer zones of a mile surrounding organic farms and apiaries. If you keep bees or are an organic farmer, please let the RM know so your property can be avoided during spraying.

Contact Us

Gary Hora – Weed Board (RM of Stuartburn and Piney)
Call: 204-380-9624