Information and survey for community members in the RMs of DeSalaberry, Hanover, LaBroquerie, Piney, Reynolds, Ritchot, Stuartburn, Ste.Anne, Taché, Town of Ste.Anne, Village of St.Pierre-Jolys and Buffalo Point First Nation

Our goal is to maintain and connect our communities for the benefit of all our residents – seniors, workers, youth, newly arrived immigrants and others. “Igniting Connections” is about bringing partners and stakeholders together to find innovative solutions to local and regional transportation issues. Everyone needs/wants to go somewhere.

Transportation Needs Survey

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Eco-West Canada and the RM of Piney are project leads for the SE Manitoba Transportation Initiative. The project will also be supported by a collaborative partnership between key stakeholders and experts including TONS (Transportation Options Network for Seniors), the University of Manitoba – City Planning (Age Friendly Communities), municipal and First Nation leadership and local businesses.

Survey Results are In!

The RM of Piney and other southeast regional communities identified Steinbach and Winnipeg as desired travel destinations according to the survey provided to southeast communities recently. In the RM of Piney, 26% are not satisfied with current transportation options, 11% didn’t answer and 63% noted they were satisfied. Of those satisfied, comments were provided about potential use of transportation options such as if affordable, to avoid parking issues (for example with medical appointments, airport), as an option when their vehicle is unavailable or when no longer able to drive.

Of those currently unsatisfied with transportation options, the majority own a vehicle but also travel with family/friends or pay a fee to travel. The greatest daily/weekly travel need for those in the RM of Piney, are for shopping and services. The need for medical and social purposes are somewhat higher for monthly/bi-monthly travel.

The next stage of the Transportation Initiative will be led by Eco-West Canada to develop potential transportation options with RM of Piney involvement.


Having a focused regional transit strategy in place will ignite connections for residents of all ages and in particular the area’s vulnerable populations in southeast Manitoba (east of the Red River and south of the TransCanada Highway). Public transportation isn’t only for people living in cities, it’s a service deserving of all Manitobans, both rural and urban.

    • Transportation supports the ability to age in one’s own community, attend medical appointments, go to work and school, do some shopping, gain access to services not available locally, and to socialize – or connect – with others. Ultimately, a solid and flexible transit strategy will enable our smaller communities to thrive.
    • Access to affordable and sustainable transportation options is becoming increasingly important to address the rising senior and newly arrived immigrant populations and cost of fuel, while also investigating alternatives such as EVs and charging infrastructure.

Project Stages

The first stage is to collect data regarding ridership*. The following stage, based on data collected with supporting partners, is to develop potential transportation solutions for the region or smaller sub-regions.

*Ridership data – Determine where people need/want to go and why, and how they get there now