Surrounded by the Sandilands Provincial Forest, and known for its blueberry crop, Badger enjoys all the beauty and bounty Mother Nature has to offer.


Historical store in Badger Manitoba


Badger began as a railway station along the Manitoba and Southern Railway in 1900. In the early days the town boasted three grocery stores, a post office, a dance hall, school house, section and station houses. One of the stores, built in 1908, is still standing and is occupied as a residence. Settlers trapped and hunted for extra income. Blueberries were also a big part of Badger’s economy, sometimes even shipped to Winnipeg via train.

Sign for the Community of Badger Manitoba

The Community Today

The town is now the largest it has ever been with a total of 81 lots. However, most of its residents are seasonal or weekenders. They enjoy berry picking, hunting and the quietness of the pines.

Community events are held throughout the summer for those who make their home in Badger.

Sign at the entrance of the Badger Manitoba Community Park


The Badger Park


Badger Community Association Inc.