Carrick, situated in the heart of forest country, is a place where everyone can put down roots and feel at home.


Historical photo of Spurgrave School in Carrick ManitobaHistory

Carrick was a railway town, named after Lieutenant-Colonel J.J. Carrick; but before that the post office and school were known as Spur-grave, and the CN Station was called Carrick. The old Spurgrave School is still standing and furnished, and is a historic site that must be explored.

Sign welcoming visitors to Carrick Manitoba

The Community Today

Now known singly as Carrick, the town is quickly becoming recognized as bear country. Bears have been seen emptying bird feeders and enjoying ripe fruit from the residents’ trees.

Carrick Days is Carrick’s annual August festival. Carrick invites everyone from surrounding communities for fun, food, horseshoes and live entertainment. Carrick Days hosts renowned horseshoe tournaments, pancake breakfasts, fireworks and a parade. It is a special day to see the historic Spurgrave School as well.

Carrick Manitoba Monument


Spurgrave Historical School & Park

Community Organizations

Carrick Community Club