The Rural Municipality of Piney strives to deliver services in a way that sustains a diversified economy, and fosters multi-generational families. Our mission is to implement responsible governance for all ratepayers, and over the magnificent environment in which we live.

Municipal government is given their authority by the provincial government. Municipalities are responsible for property taxes, property standards, zoning, business licenses, and local by-laws. Municipal governments make laws concerning things such as:

  • zoning
  • parking by-laws
  • property taxes

If you have a question or concern about a municipal issue, you can contact your local councillor by visiting the Council page on our website: Council

Our Values

The municipal government values

  • Quality service delivery
  • Open and transparent governance
  • Community and multi-generational families
  • Open, respectful and transparent governance
  • Diversified economies
  • Sustainable environmental stewardship

Learn about our municipality

Visit our specific website pages for more information on individual facets of municipal government:



Emergency/Disaster Management