Municipal elections are held once every four years. 2022 is an election year! The R.M. of Piney has four wards and five elected positions.

By-elections take place if a position in council is vacated more than six months before the next election. If the position is vacated six months or less to the next election, the position will remain vacant until the next election.


Wards are for election purposes only. The council represents, and looks out for the best interests of the whole municipality. Click the link below to view the ward boundary map:

RM of Piney Ward Boundary Map

Head of Council

The Head of Council is the representative for the Council as a Whole. They are elected by the body of voters as a whole to provide leadership over the entire Council. The Head of Council is allowed one vote just like the rest of Council and the public.

Municipal Election is being held on Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Notice is hereby given that a vote of The Rural Municipality of Piney will be taken to elect a Councillor for Ward 3.

Candidates Running (listed in random order):


David Beaudry – Ward 3

Jakob Dyck – Ward 3

Advanced Voting:

Saturday, October 15th from 8am – 8pm

RM of Piney Council Chambers in Vassar

Election Day:

Wednesday, October 26th from 8am – 8pm

Ward 3 Polling Stations:

Woodridge Hall

RM of Piney Council Chambers in Vassar

Congratulations to the candidates who have been elected by acclamation:

Wayne Anderson – Reeve

Ken Prociw – Ward 1

Dale Edbom – Ward 2

Mark Bernard – Ward 4


Qualifications to Vote:

  • Must be a Canadian citizen;
  • Must be at least 18 years of age on Election Day;
  • Are a resident in the RM and/or registered owner of the property for at least six (6) months before Election Day;

*A voter must vote in the ward they reside in, even if they are a landowner in more than one ward.

2022 Election Materials

2022 Election Official Manual
2022 Candidates Guidebook
2022 Voters List Notice
2022 Notice of Registration
2022 Notice of Nomination
Candidate Order on the Ballots
Notice of Election 2022

By-Law 55 Campaign Expenses and Contributions
Campaign Expenses By-Law Schedule A

2022 Municipal and School Board Elections – Website

Bulletin #2022-29 – Municipal Relations – Presentation for Prospective Candidates

Please visit our election forms page to download forms and important information for the upcoming election:
2022 Election Forms