Wampum is nestled in the heart of berry and wildlife territory.

Historical photo of the Wampum GReen Valley School


Wampum originated as a CN track station. The word ‘Wampum’ in Indigenous languages means ‘money’, however residents swear the town was named for the Wampum Baking Powder cans thrown out onto the train tracks. Residents of Wampum made their living logging pulpwood and raising some cattle. There was a store and boarding house, which still stands today along with the huge barn used for cattle. The cattle were shipped to Winnipeg via trail. There was also a school which had 17 students.

Photo of an old barn in Wampum

The Community Today

The Wampum Salem Lutheran Church, originated in 1910, holds services every other Sunday. Its cemetery is located one kilometer north of the church. The church hosts fundraisers and community functions, as well as the Wampum Lutheran Church Quilting Group.

Wampum Salem Lutheran Church

Community Organizations

Wampum Community Centre Salem Lutheran Church