2022 Election Forms will be uploaded as they become available.

Candidates & Scrutineers

FORM 11A Registration of Prospective Candidate
Form 12 Notice of Nominations
Form 13 Nomination of Candidate
Form 14 Declaration of Candidate
Form 15 Official Appointment Form
Form 16 Scrutineer Appointment Form
Form 17 Oath of Scrutineer
Form 18 Information Sheet for Scrutineers
Form 19 Candidate Withdrawal

Voters, Assistants & Interpreters

Form 3 Non-Resident Voter Consent Form
Form 4 Public Notice- Voting as a Non-Resident Voter
Form 8a Request for Personal Security Protection
Form 8b Personal Security Certificate
Form 22 Directions for Voting
Form 23 Oath of Voter
Form 24 Oath of Voter’s Assistant
Form 25 Oath of Interpreter
Form 26 Application to Vote by Sealed Envelope
Form 27 Instructions to Voting by Sealed Envelope
Form 28 Voting by Sealed Envelope