Sprague brings communities together through history, stories and education.


Original Sprague SchoolHistory

Sprague got its name from Daniel Sprague who started the Sprague Lumber Company around 1885. The Sprague River was used to float logs up to Winnipeg.

The Sprague & District Historical Museum is a living reminder of the community’s heroes, losses, historical spaces and stories. The museum is open June to September. They host fundraisers and events year round.

Community celebration in Sprague ManitobaThe Community Today

Sprague has great hunting, fishing and recreational spaces. The Sprague & Area Arena facilitates public skating in the winters and an outdoor winter slide. Sprague also has the only school in the RM of Piney – the Ross L. Gray School.

Sprague hosts the annual Sprague Fest and a parade in mid-August. The Sprague Evergreen Seniors Club serves lunches on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and hosts a games night every Tuesday evening. The Sprague Community Hall also hosts Chase the Ace on Monday nights.

Sprague and District MuseumPlaces

Sprague Community Cemetery – Located on Road 80E, 1/4 mile North of Road 3N
Sprague & Area Community Arena
Sprague Community Hall
Sprague Baseball Grounds

Community Organizations

Sprague & District Historical Museum
Evergreen Seniors Group
Sprague Chamber of Commerce
Sprague Baptist Church
Cleansing Wave Gospel Church
Little County Church – Non-Denominational