Our vision is to create a safe, healthy and prosperous environment to live, work and play in; and to encourage sustainable development that will complement and enhance the way of life for all residents.

The Rural Municipality of Piney has developed a strategic plan to represent the goals, visions and plans for the future of the municipality. Our strategic plan provides the broad goals for municipal organization, community growth, and sustainable development.

Our Values

Our principles in leadership and decision-making are as follows:

    • Quality service delivery
    • Open and transparent governance
    • Community driven, focused on multi-generational families
    • Diversified economies
    • Sustainable environmental leadership

Summary of Departmental Priorities

There are nine municipal departments that collectively work to provide the core services of the municipality. Below are listed the main priorities and goals of each department:

General Government Services

  • Capital management plan
  • Staff management plan
  • Public communications plan
  • Policy development plan
  • Cost efficiency plan

Protective Services – emergency response, fire protection, building safety and animal control

  • Equipment renewal plan
  • By-law compliance plan
  • Emergency preparedness/response plan
  • Emergency volunteer support plan
  • Emergency preparedness procedural development plan

Transportation & Drainage Services

  • Equipment & capital purchase plan
  • Road maintenance plan
  • Drainage maintenance plan
  • Public infrastructure acquisition plan
  • Capital plan

Environmental Health Services

  • Waste transfer plan
  • New waste management plan
  • Environmental liability plan
  • Waste reduction plan
  • Environmental stewardship plan

Environmental Development Services

  • Community growth plan
  • Municipal land use plan
  • Municipal beautification plan

Economic Development Services

  • Municipal marketing plan
  • Tourism plan
  • Trail development plan
  • Business development plan
  • Local employment plan

Recreation and Cultural Services

  • Final Trails Plan 2022
  • Grants program plan
  • Program & events plan
  • Recreation volunteer support plan
  • Recreation facilities plan
  • Community diversity play

Fiscal Services

  • Capital reserve plan
  • Tax impact plan
  • Fiscal accountability plan

Click below to download the entire strategic plan:

Strategic Plan 2022

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