The Rural Municipality of Piney prioritizes preparedness and prevention when it comes to natural disasters.

Natural disasters are part of living in a rural area. The R.M. of Piney has an emergency coordinator and strategic plans when it comes to dealing with wildfires, floods and storms. We ask that all residents please read through the protection and preparedness resources provided below.

For more information and safety updates, please visit


Fire Prevention Tips
FireSmart Brochure
FireSmart Home Owner’s Assessment
FireSmart Home Owner’s Manual
FireSmart Landscape Brochure
FireSmart Manual
Wildfire Safety Travel Restrictions
FireSmart Farm Brochure

Other Emergencies

Evacuation in Emergencies


In the case of animals running at large or wildlife threats, please call Conservation and Climate as they have the resources to deal with issues concerning animals.

Bans & Restrictions

The municipality follows recommendations from Manitoba Conservation & Climate when it comes to burn bans and travel restrictions. We ask that you are aware of current bans or travel restrictions put in place due to weather and environmental factors before you travel in the area, as activities like ATVing and campfires may be under the ban. Please contact the RM office or Manitoba Conservation & Climate for updates.

The RM office does not issue burn permits. To acquire a permit, and to be sure of the restrictions in place, call Conservation and Climate.

Contact Us

Richard Gamble – Municipal Emergency Coordinator
Phone: 204-905-3740

Manitoba Conservation and Climate
Sprague: 204-437-2348
Steinbach: 204-346-6110