The R.M. of Piney encourages sustainable, green living. We strive to provide waste disposal services that are convenient and effective.

A plastic bottle will take 600 years to decompose in the environment. A glass bottle takes a million. The R.M. of Piney strives to protect the environment from litter and irresponsible waste removal. We ask that you take advantage of one of our waste disposal sites and recycling program to help keep our municipality beautiful and clean.

Waste Disposal Sites

The RM of Piney has three waste disposal sites with varying days of operation.


Location: 78101, Road 3N Sprague
Open Thursdays and Sundays


Location: 60131, PR 201 Menisino
Open Tuesdays and Saturdays


Location: 1807, Road 60E Woodridge
Open Wednesdays and Sundays


Winter hours are 9 AM – 5 PM (November -March)
Summer hours are 10 AM – 6 PM (March- November)

For more information on how to recycle, download the recycling guide: Recycling Guide