Vassar Manitoba


Vassar’s first inhabitants settled in 1896 with railroad’s arrival. It is commonly believed that Vassar got its name after the first born son of the Carpenter family. The first store, post office, and school were all built in the early 1900’s. A hotel was built in the late 1920’s and parts of that building are incorporated into the current motel. Vassar is home to the offices of the Rural Municipality of Piney, and its population once swelled to 1000 while logging was at its peak just before the Depression. Lumber and firewood businesses still thrive.

Vassar is a very sports minded community and baseball continues to be a favorite form of recreation. The spacious ball grounds testify to this fact. A campground and a solar heated public swimming pool which offers swimming lessons during the summer months can all be found in the town. The Vassar Community Recreational Centre extends a warm welcome to all guests.


Vassar Community Recreational Centre
Pines, Needles, and Cones Senior Group

Vassar Minor Baseball


The Hall is available for rental for different events
Telephone: 204-437-2214

Vassar Recreational Centre

– Outdoor Swimming pool
– Baseball grounds
– Campground

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Roman Catholic Church



Postal Code: R0A 2J0

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