Vassar remains a beautiful, peaceful town for residents and seasonal visitors to enjoy.


Roman Catholic church in Vassar Manitoba


Vassar was settled over a century ago when the CNR built a railroad through southeast Manitoba. ‘Vassar’ in German means ‘water’. It is said that Vassar was named for the spring water found on Butcher Hill. Most people survived by raising their own food, and whatever was available from the wild. They sold or traded product from their farms, trapped, fished or picked blueberries. Logging was the main source of income.

Vassar was baseball. Every family belonged to a team. The Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame includes locals David Boileau, The Cote Family, Jeremy Culleton, Gregg Stewart and Louis Cote.

General store in Vassar Manitoba

The Community Today

Today, Vassar maintains a park with three baseball diamonds and a camping area. They host an annual ball tournament in August. There is also a snowmobile derby in February.

Vassar’s outdoor heated swimming pool hosts public swims, lessons and events throughout the summers.


Vassar Baseball Park
Vassar Community Recreation Centre
Vassar Pool

Community outdoor pool in Vassar ManitobaCommunity Organizations

Pines, Needles, and Cones Senior Group
Vassar Minor Baseball
Vassar Roman Catholic Church