The Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District is a grass roots organization with programs available for everyone, offering funding and education on wetlands and water usage.

The R.M. of Piney spans three watershed sub-districts: Roseau River (SD2), Upper Seine River (SD8) and Rat-Marsh River (SD3/4). Members of your RM council as well as appointed landowners sit on our committees (sub districts and main board). The SRRWD offers on the ground programming directly to landowners. These programs are available to everyone, but are budget dependent (first come first served).

For Agricultural Producers

The SRRWD offers:

    • Livestock management programming
    • Funding for fencing off dugouts, wetlands and waterways
    • Funding for alternative watering systems for livestock
    • Funding for livestock crossings
    • Alternative land use services

Producers can receive establishment payments and annual payments to set aside less productive land. For example, wet cultivated land along a drain is taken out of cultivation and put into hay production. The producer receives funding for establishment costs (seeding), annual payments, and can make hay on the land.

For Surface Water Management

    • Water retention: Small berms are constructed (100% SRRWD cost) to hold back peak flows, reduce erosion and nutrient runoff.
    • Rain gardens: Suitable for yard sites, businesses and public areas, these perennial flower beds are specially constructed to help landowners manage rainwater on their property by directing excess water into the rain garden where it can be absorbed or evaporated.

For Ground Water and Well Management

    • Funding for sealing abandoned/unused wells
    • Funding for remediating well pits and well heads
    • Annual R.M. well water testing days
    • Year round information on well health and maintenance

For Education

  • School and group outreach programming, including Riverwatch (water quality sampling), Backwater Buggin’ (macro invertebrate sampling) and Lake Winnipeg Community Based Monitoring Network
  • Staff participate in community events and outreach programs for watershed education

Get in Touch

SRRWD is always open to new innovative ideas and encourage residents to come forward with potential project ideas.

Residents are encouraged to contact our office in Vita: 204-425-7877 or Steinbach: 204-326-1030 for more information.