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RM Office Closed to Public

Due to Covid-19, the RM of Piney office is closed to public walk-in traffic. We will be accepting visits by appointment only. If you need to visit the office in person, you must call ahead to arrange your appointment. We strongly encourage people needing assistance to avoid coming directly to the office, but to contact us by phone or email.

If you need to pay you taxes, payments can be made over the phone with Visa or Mastercard, online banking through a Caisse or Credit Union, or by cheque in our drop box; receipts will be mailed.

If you have a parcel at the RM office, please call ahead (204-437-2284) and we will have it set aside for you.

We will continue to communicate with the public through our Facebook page, website, newsletters, phone, fax, and e-mail.

RM Holiday Office Hours

The RM office will be closed from Thursday, December 24th, 2020 to Friday, January 1st, 2021. The office will resume regular operations on Monday, January 4th, 2021.

Garbage Dumps Reminder

Open from 9:00am – 5:00pm

All three garbage dumps in the RM will remain open on the regular scheduled days during the holiday season.

2021 Community Grants

Large Grant:
Sprague Community Center Inc. – $6,000.00

Cultural & Community Identity Grant:
Sprague & District Historical Museum- $3,750.00
Woodridge Community Club – $3,750.00

Recreation Grants for District 1:
Middlebro Parks & Rec – $3,825.00
Sprague Evergreen Seniors Club – $2,180.00
Sprague Community Center Inc.- $9,200.00
South Junction Community Center – $2,295.00

Recreation Grants for District 2:
Piney Community Center – $8,750.00
Vassar Community Recreation Center – $8,750.00

Recreation Grants for District 3:
St. Labre 200 Inc. – $4,250.00
Carrick Community Club Inc. – $3,489.00
Woodridge Community Club Inc. – $2,550.00
Woodridge Community Club Inc. – $1,275.00
Sandilands Community Organization – $4,379.00
St. Labre Community Center – $1,350.00


The RM of Piney would like to thank all Community Organizations for your hard work and dedication. All your tireless efforts do not go unnoticed, thank you!

RM Recycling

Between the RM of Stuartburn, Buffalo Point First Nation, and the RM of Piney, we were able to secure Eastman Recycling Services within our communities until the end of March 2021. This will give us ample time to complete and finalize our joint recycling project. Some clarification and fine tuning has been needed in the report before making it available to the public, however the information provided has warranted the committee to advise the consultant to proceed with Part 2, a business plan model. The recycling committee is working together with a consulting team to find cost effective solutions moving forward into the new year.

Snow Clearing Reminder

A Message from RM Public Works

A reminder to all landowners, when removing snow from your driveway to please make sure no excess snow is left on municipal roads or road allowances. When this occurs, the ice and snow become traffic hazards and make it difficult for the snow plows to clear properly.
                                                    Thank you for your cooperation!                                                  

Public Meetings

All public meetings held by the RM are accessible via computer, tablet, smartphone or by using your phone, through GoToMeeting invites. If you wish to attend an upcoming meeting please contact the RM Office and specify which meeting(s) you would like to attend.

Phone: 204-437-2284 / 204-437-2060
Facebook: Rural Municipality of Piney

RM of Piney Transit Plan

The pilot for 2020 had to be cancelled with an increase in the Covid-19 pandemic response system. Work on the transit plan is continuing to evaluate options and opportunities.

From discussions with other RMs/towns that operate handi-vans and MoveMobility, a new vehicle that is wheelchair accessible and could accommodate more than 8 – 14+ passengers ranges from $75,000 to $110,000+. A lease option for mobility vehicle is widely unavailable. Communities commonly fundraise towards a vehicle purchase in addition to applying for available provincial or federal grants. The only transit grant currently available is through the Manitoba Disability Transportation Program (MDTP) as a one-time $6000 start up grant, up to $10,000 for a new vehicle and about one-third of eligible operating costs.

According to Transportation Options Network for Seniors (TONS) there is a growing concern around the sustainability of handi van operations in Manitoba mostly due to lack of funding support, outdated models of service, transportation dead zones and underutilized vans. There is a lot of potential but some drastic changes and collaboration are needed.

A successful public transit plan will address a balance between ridership, fares, drivers and funding; sufficient number of passengers riding together at an affordable cost with available, qualified drivers & sustained financial support.



Council is responsible for managing less than ten cents of every tax dollar. They provide guidance and set the standards for the services and administration within the RM of Piney. These are people who love their community, and take the needs of ratepayers into consideration when they make decisions.

The four primary responsibilities of Council are:


1) Decision-making: Making fair decisions based on discussion and a majority vote. Decisions take into consideration the expressed concerns of the public, municipal policy, research/info gathered at public hearings.

2) Governance: Passing local by-laws and developing policies. Policies and by-laws provide consistent guidance for staff and the public on matters such as taxation, street lights and emergency management. Public input is welcomed and valued when it comes to proposing by-laws and policies.

3) Representation: Council members are democratically elected by rate payers. They listen and engage with the public, and serve interests of the municipality as a whole. Wards are used for election purposes only; they are not a reflection of who represents individual communities.

4) Stewardship: Council strategically plans for the future, and makes sure resources and finances are being used responsibly.

Every council member must comply with the Council Code of Conduct and avoid conflicts of interest. If you have an issue that can be solved on the municipal level, take it up with Council. In our next article, we will look at how Council makes decisions and provides governance to the municipality.

Sources: “2018 Council Member’s Guide,” AMM; “Municipal Act Procedures Manual,” Indigenous and Municipal Relations.

Municipal Emergency Coordinator

Christmas and COVID-19

Here we are, approaching the holiday season, and we’re still under threat from the pandemic. Vaccines are apparently becoming available in the early part of 2021 or hopefully sooner. The end is said to be near my friends.

In the meantime, we must still be patient and put up with the huge interruption in our lives this has become. Specifically, we need to turn our attention to the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The holiday season is usually about gathering family and friends for fellowship and to share a meal. As much as we want to continue that tradition, we must stop and realize the inherent danger in those specific activities during a pandemic.

– Practice social distancing
– Wear a mask
– Wash/sanitize hands often
– Stay home when possible
– If you become sick, isolate immediately and get tested
– Do not travel unless absolutely necessary
– Adhere to all Public Health Orders**
**The latest Public Health Orders as of November 24, 2020:

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the very best of holiday season to all the residents of the RM of Piney. I hope 2021 holds better promise. Looking forward to seeing you then!

Richard Gamble

Economic Development

Shop Local This Holiday Season

With the entire province of Manitoba under the Critical level of the Pandemic Response System, local businesses in Sunrise Corner are facing immense challenges. Small-town community support is what will help our neighborhood retailers and service providers weather this 10-month storm.

What Sunrise Corner Economic Development is doing
Holiday Shop Local Campaign – We’re sharing local holiday shopping options on our Facebook page. Our neighborhood small businesses have delivery, shipping or curb-side pick-up options as well as gift certificates to check pretty much everyone off your holiday shopping list.

Business Directory – We are developing a new economic development website including a searchable business directory promoting all businesses in both RM of Piney and Stuartburn. We’ll be reaching out to businesses to get complete, up-to-date information. Stay tuned for details at the Sunrise Corner Economic Development Facebook page.

What business owners can do
Build Your Brand Recognition – Online marketing has never been more important. Create a company Facebook page and consistently share all your product and service news. Make it easy for customers to contact you. Outline your payment and delivery options. Explain what you’re doing to keep customers safe when you’re creating products.

Online Groups – If you’re a member of the Southeast Farmer’s Market or Stuartburn-Emerson Franklin Local Food Initiative, be sure you’re sharing your business news on their social media as well as liking, commenting & sharing Facebook events promoting market days or virtual events.

Provide Excellent Customer Service – There’s nothing that demonstrates excellent customer service more than quick and friendly response to inquiries. Check voice and online messages regularly and return calls promptly.

What residents can do
Shop Local – The makers, artisans, authors, and bakers in our region provide high quality, hand-crafted products. The service providers like hair and nail salons are selling gift certificates for appointments once they’re able to open again. They offer local delivery, shipping or curb-side pick-up. Buying from your neighbours makes sense and is the right thing to do.

Support Local – Like and follow the Sunrise Corner Economic Development Facebook page to learn about the products and services you can buy locally. Once you’re there, like and follow the pages of local businesses. A referral or even a few words of encouragement goes a long way to helping their business be seen online.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Monique Chenier


Sprague RCMP

Sprague RCMP are reminding the motoring public that with changing road conditions, drivers should adjust their speed to maintain control of their vehicles. If the posted limit is 100 Kph, remember this is the speed limit on a clean, dry highway, under perfect driving conditions! It doesn’t mean you have to drive that speed, especially if it is unsafe to do so. Sprague RCMP stopped a driver in the month of November doing 173 Kph! Way too fast! The driver did not get a warning. It was an expensive day. Slow down and drive safely everyone.

With Covid 19 still very much on everybody’s minds, Sprague RCMP has received several calls from citizens inquiring about the current public health orders, or wanting to make a report of non-compliance with those orders. The current public health orders can be found on the Province of Manitoba website at To report non – compliance of the public health orders, please contact the Manitoba Government Inquiry Line at 1-866-626-4862.

With the Province currently under Code Red restrictions, Sprague RCMP Detachment is currently closed for walk up service. If you are an essential worker, you can still get criminal record checks completed. Please contact our office at (204) 437-2041 to get further details.  Should you require immediate Police assistance you can call (204) 437-2222 or 911.  Sprague RCMP wishes you a Merry Christmas, as well as a safe and Happy New Year.

Richard Graham Cpl.

NCO i/c Sprague Detachment

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Mental Health Support

The Wellness Support Line is a confidential phone number anyone can call to speak with a Mental Health Clinician for support and referral services.

Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, call Crisis Response Services 24/7 @ 1-888-617-7715.