By-Law 127/2018 Adopting the Financial Plan for 2018

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By-Law 126/2018 Amendment to By-Law 123/2017

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By-Law 125/2018 Amendment to By-Law 112/2016

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By-Law No. 124/2017 to establish the position of Designated Officer

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By-Law 123/2017 – Hunting/Firearms on RM Property

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Rural Municipality of Piney Zoning By-Law #122-2017

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By – Law #122/2017 Draft Zoning By-Law & Map

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By-Law 121/2017 To Regulate RM of Piney Fire Service

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By-Law 120/2017 Adopting Financial Plan for 2017

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By-Law No. 119/2016 Amendment to Fee By-Law No. 94/2013

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By-Law No. 118/2016 Regulation and Control of Animals

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By-Law No. 117/2016, Financial Plan 2016

By-Law No. 117/2016 Financial Plan 2016 (click to download)

By-Law No. 115/2016, Open a Municipal Road By-Law

By-Law 115 2016 (click to download)

By-Law No. 114/2016, Lot Grade By-Law

By-Law 114/2016 Lot Grade By-Law (click to download)

By-Law No. 113/2016, adoption of Provincial Codes, appointment of a Building Inspector, and the administration and enforcement of the building and development permit system

By-Law 113 – 2016 (click to download)

2010 Development Plan Ministerial Changes

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2010 Development Plan

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Development Plan By-Law No. 53-09 amendment 1 proposed changes

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Draft By-Law 110-2015 to Amend By-Law 53-09

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