Roads & Infrastructure

2019 Road Survey
Please click below to download Survey and submit to the RM office by June 1st, 2019.

Road and Route Priority Policy Download it!

Maps corresponding to the Road and Route Policy are as follows:
‘Schedule A’ Summer Blading Map Download it!

‘Schedule B’ Summer Mowing Map Download it!

‘Schedule C’ Snow Plowing Map Download it!

‘Schedule D’ Dust Control Map Download it!


PUTTING IN A DRIVEWAY?  Private Approach Policy Download it!


2017 Request for Quotation for Supply and Stockpile of Traffic Gravel Download it!



Public Works Supervisor:
Harold Grawberger
The Rural Municipality of Piney

Box 48
Vassar Manitoba
Canada R0A 2J0
PHONE 1-204-437-2284 / 204-437-2060
Fax 437-2556 / EMAIL: